What we offer

HR Partners for your business

Whether you're in search of the right job or the right candidate, we're here to help.


As your Strategic HR partners, we can help you identify Talent acquisition and Management tools to fit your company goals.


In today’s world, teamwork, wellness, and mental health play an important role in determining success at the workplace. Organizational health and growth are enhanced when success is ensured top down. We offer a wide range of services that can help to achieve organization-wide success and health:

Company manuals

Sometimes due to lack of time at hand or resources putting together an employee handbook that gives clarity on the company’s policies and procedures can sometimes be really tough to handle. This is where our team can step in and manage this effectively on your behalf following this approach:

Employee Engagement

Not sure of your employees' happiness quotient? No worries! Our 360 degree survey will tell you all you need to know about your team. We offer:

Process Mapping

Mapping a process is easy but ensuring that people follow it all the time is imperative. We believe in mapping the process in line with the current practices, hence we will map an easy-to-follow process for you. This process also helps eliminate unwanted procedures and helps to improve productivity. We also conduct quarterly or bi-annual process audits to refine your day-to-day business process and ensure we suggest the best possible solutions to you at all times. As we aim to be your partners, we will work alongside and understand your organization and its current processes in place to increase the audit score. This will provide you with the desired result of happy employees and happier work place.

HR Admin & Management

Apart from all the specialized services mentioned above, we also offer the following administrative support services:

Grow exponentially by outsourcing the most critical aspect of your business to us.

At HR Orb, we provide the most flexible HR solutions for companies of all sizes & needs. No matter what size your business is, you can trust us with your HR needs.

HR services for Startups, SMEs & Established Enterprises


Starting up is understandably stressful, especially the process of building the right Team. This begins with sourcing ideal candidates, conducting interviews to finalizing & onboarding the employees. Talk to our Advisor today to learn more about the Startup Packages we offer, best suited to your budget. We've got you covered!


Business growth is directly proportional to Employee strength and size. If you are a rapidly-growing organization but face a time constraint to drive your Human Resource to match the growing pace – here we are! We can support your business with a complete HR Solution that is much needed for a growing & dynamic enterprise.

Established Enterprises

It is always better to get a professional support-hand! We are more than glad to associate with your HR Department where our expertise may get you closer to your business objectives & more. With large scale operations, we will be pleased to do the heavy lifting so you can focus on other things that matter.